To spend your holidays in complete serenity face to Covid-19, all the team from "Cévennes-Provence" implements an adapted health protocol: sanitary facilities, reception, grocery store and restaurant... all places meet the requirements!

Meeting with Gilles, who supervises the cleaning of the sanitary facilities on the campsite.

"- What has been put in place from the beginning for the cleaning of sanitary facilities?
- The cleanliness of the toilets is essential in a campsite, even before the virus! The toilets are washed twice a day, we use specific virucides and have bought a new machine (water saving)."

Water saving washer

Gilles maintains the sanitary facilities

"- So, sanitary facilities are a safe place?
- Yes! The sanitary blocks are ventilated places, disinfected several times a day. As in all the other common areas of the campsite, dispensers of hydroalcoholic gels are available. We check during each disinfection that these dispensers are full. Nine sanitary facilities are spread over the campsite, so campers always have access to a clean place nearby!"

Now let's find out how the reception and the grocery store work with Karine.

"- The reception and the grocery store are a common area, how can we get around easily?
- We tested a sense of movement in 2020: just follow the arrows on the ground to find your way! We also pay attention to the number of people inside. For example, we bring people in one by one in the morning to come and get the bread. The traffic is fluid and the distances respected."

Nathalie at the reception behind the bamboo tarpaulin

The reception is equipped with a tarpaulin supported by bamboo, nice!

"- Isn't this whole protocol too restrictive?
- We're making sure it isn't! We are fortunate to work in a 30 acres property, in the open air! Campers come here to enjoy their holiday in a quiet space close to nature. We take care of every space - indoor and outdoor - so that they meet the expectations of holidaymakers."

-Campingplatz geöffnet vom 31. März bis 01. Oktober-

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