The Cevennes' brand new rail-bike

The Cevennes rail-bike service was launched on Saturday 9 February 2019 - A new tourist activity available all year round on the train tracks of the Steam Train of the Cevennes.



Built by Vélorail du Larzac, the rail-bikes are stored in special shelters painted by Sock, an artist from Avignon. The bikes have two sets of pedals in the front (one is enough to move forward) and three seats in the back for children (or lazy people!). Some can be fitted with baby seats.

The rail-bike starting point is at Thoiras station, renamed "entre-deux-gares” (“between two stations”) because it is midway between St Jean du Gard and Anduze. A new restaurant will be managed by the former owner of the "Aux petits chefs de Gare” restaurant, picnic tables are also planned.

During the low season two departures are scheduled, and there will be 4 or 5 in the summer season. The departure times are fixed so as to be exactly between two Steam Train trips. For the train and the rail-bike, there is one golden rule: "Never get off while it is moving!”

Far away from road traffic, the 6 km round trip between the stations of Thoiras and Générargues is charming. Over the course of the journey you will go over the level crossing at Corbès, through two tunnels and over three viaducts, one of which you might recognize…





-Camping open from March 31st until October 1st-

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