Videos of the campsite

The highlights of the campsite’s environment change every season! You may be familiar with spring and summer colours, but did you know the autumn and winter’s hidden treasures?

All tastes are represented through panoramic views, macro-photographic pictures, daily life scene’s with family and friends, glidings in the Gardon, pass climbings, the activities program and simply all season life in the Cevennes...

Our images are shot from the air with drones and helicopters and from the ground, by professionals and amateurs.

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Official video

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Let’s keep in touch through the year

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Discover our videos by theme

From behind the curtains

Are you interested in the autumn and winter works, as well as those from throughout the year? Normally unseen by the public, you can now discover everything we do to keep this place paradisical for your holidays.

Entertainment and activities

For those who want to look before they leap! You can participate in yoga, pottery, hiking....And then pick between a siesta, archery or fishing! Relive the good moments or get in the mood.

Videos from visitors

You can send us your holiday souvenirs, your daily life on the campsite or only the best moments, little scenes of happiness...and why not a real video clip, shot on the campsite? Become a souvenir creator.

-Camping open from March 31st until October 1st-

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